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Erin Doyle


Erin Doyle, president of Data Solutions Plus, Inc., has over 30 years’ experience in database and computer systems design, training and support, office administration and business management. Erin has worked for IBM and General Motors, law offices, small companies, international corporations and non-profit organizations. As principal designer and database consultant at Data Solutions Plus for over 20 years, Erin has significant, in-depth experience creating customized Microsoft Access databases that, via extensive VBA programming, provide all the bells and whistles a client could want related to process automation, error checking, data validity, and detailed as well as high-level overview reporting.

Dane Barrager

Dane Barrager has over 35 years of experience in software development and data processing.  He has worked for major corporations as a Systems Analyst and Project Manager.  As founder of Integral Solutions, Inc., Dane successfully developed an application for which 10,000 licenses were purchased, with many of those licenses going to Fortune 500 corporations, including Ford Motor Co. Dane’s current focus is mobile and web-based database development,  He has created apps that are in the Apple App and Google Play stores and has developed web-based database applications, including those that integrate with custom-built Microsoft Access databases and with enterprise databases.

Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire is an Instructional Systems Technologist with two decades of experience designing, developing, and facilitating learning. He began his career as a software instructor, transitioned into technical writing and recently completed an M.Ed. – Instructional Systems Technology. His experience allows him to contribute to a training and development team in many ways. With an open communication style, Kevin ensures that corporate clients, educational facilities and individual students successfully meet their training goals. Data Solutions Plus is happy to have Kevin on our team as, reflected by his excellent course reviews, students find Kevin’s classes entertaining, informative and extremely helpful.



Shanti, the mascot for Data Solutions Plus, is part German Short-Haired Pointer and part Greyhound.  She’s a fast-paced dog whose favorite past-times are catching frisbees, getting lots of exercise and keeping an eye on the cows, groundhogs and other residents in her neighborhood!