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“I am happy to tell you that our experiences with Erin have been excellent. She came into our Agency & immersed herself in our system, learning what we were doing, what we thought we needed & then transforming that knowledge into a very user-friendly database that has exceeded our expectations. Erin has been very supportive after the installation, tweaking the database when needed. She is easily & quickly available by phone, has kept her appointments & is very reliable. Our experience has been so good that…I am confident that, if you move forward with her, you will be as happy with Erin’s expertise as we are.”

“Erin’s contribution to our firm has been essential. We literally could not perform at our current level of productivity and accuracy without her work. Her depth of knowledge, her insight, and her creativity (an essential aspect of superior database design) are rare, and will benefit any enterprise that is fortunate enough to work with her.”

“You can rest assured that Erin will give you a great product, and that the design/build along the way will reflect her genuine concern to provide you with the best product for your needs…Erin definitely knows her stuff and is able to communicate with excellence – which is sometimes an overlooked skill in this arena. She built us a wonderful database…the end users were very pleased – and amazed at all the tracking it provided for process improvement.”

“Very quickly, Erin demonstrated a mastery and understanding of our complex database (not easy when you are not the database’s developer). Complex problems that had stumped me, and many other third-party database developers, were rapidly solved by Erin. Ultimately, the expertise and insight that Erin brought to our relationship has allowed our firm to go further with, and achieve more benefit from our databases than I would have ever expected.”

“I’m grateful for the passion you bring to our problems and the solutions you develop.” – Senior Partner, Law Firm – September 2022

“Thank you for sorting everything out for me and making it so easy for me to submit the check requests. Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help.” – Administrative Assistant, Small Business – August 2021

“I appreciate your lightning-fast responsiveness!” – Training & Communications Coordinator, National Corporation – June 2020

“You have been such a great asset to our team. You’re always able to understand our needs so well even when I don’t feel that I communicate them too clearly. You have simplified so many of our processes.” –  Project Management Specialist, Service Agency – June, 2020

“I really appreciate all of the changes you are doing for us! It has already made us much more efficient.” – General Manager, Small Business – January 2020

“A huge thank you for your patience, flexibility and amazing work. We are incredibly grateful.” – Director of Strategic Initiatives – March 2019

“Thank you for your expertise and attention to detail. You have helped us so much!!” – Resource Coordination Program Manager, Non-Profit Agency – November 2018

“One thing we value the most is your research into our needs which results in a product that seems to have been designed by the actual user.” – Finance Admin, Government Agency – August 2018

“Things with the database are great. It is so useful. We love it!” – Staff Member, Service Agency – February 2017

“I don’t think you know how much this will help us and how much we appreciate all of your hard work.” – Employee, Non-Profit Agency – November 2016

“We do appreciate you helping us with our continual tweaking of your great database program.” – Finance Manager – April 2016

“Thank you, Erin! You are so talented and responsive – a combo you don’t often find. We are lucky to have you as part of our team!” – Supervisor – June 2015

“Thank you so much for everything you are doing for us. It will definitely make us more competitive for grants and better able to serve our clients.” – Director, Non-Profit Agency – December 2014

“Thank you for your fantastic work and expertise.  You have helped us turn this vision into reality.”Workforce Development Supervisor – October 2014

“This is amazing! One more of our annual processes is now fully automated.”Professional Development Specialist – August 2014

“Your work is always way above and beyond our expectations.” Supervisor, Non-Profit Agency – May 2014

“I am very pleased with the database!” Owner, Small Industrial Company – February 2014

“The new invoicing process is working flawlessly—a really great job, Erin.”Senior Partner, Law Firm – September 2013

“Thanks for the feedback from the client I referred to you.  It makes future referrals really easy!  We appreciate you being there for our clients with a need.”  Owner, Computer Support and Networking Company – September, 2013

“I really appreciate your thoughtful approach, and I’m so appreciative of your expertise and your work ethic.”Director, Social Services Agency – August 2013

“The database is working like a charm!” – Supervisor, Governmental Agency – February 2013 

“You are the best!” Director, Medical Provider – December 2012

“Honestly, I don’t know how to thank you for your professional quality.  My staff is just thrilled with the work.” – Owner, Retail Business – November 2012

“It has been wonderful to be able to use the database you created.  It has made my life so much easier as I organize this large upcoming conference.  I can export data into Excel as needed, and being able to save reports as a pdf is fantastic.  I so appreciate your time and willingness to increase my familiarity and comfort with using it. I know that I can be very exact in how I want things – and you never fail to meet and surpass my needs and expectations.  So – once again – thank you!!”Owner, Consulting Firm – September 2012

“The changes you made to our database will help us reduce our workload by 20-30 hours per week!”  – Business Owner, May 2012

“We could not be more pleased with the product.  Thank you for a great job!”  – Director, Governmental Agency, December 2011

“It has been a great experience for me, and I have learned tons – you are a great teacher, Erin!” Database Client and Access Student, October 2011

“Testing went flawlessly and we have been up and running since this morning. You are terrific.”Director of Care Management, Specialty Hospital – May 2010

“Let me offer you my thanks for making my job easier. My prep time for the annual project – actual prep time – was cut by 75% this year.”Database Client, March 2010

“In just three sessions Erin has taken the semi-scrambled database concept out of my head and made it reality. I cannot more highly recommend Data Solutions Plus as a resource. Erin’s a database wizard.”Owner, Smal Business, March 2009

“I really liked that the instructor made the class relevant to what I need Access for! … This will save me time in completing tasks at work and many headaches.”Access Student, January 2009

“Do you know how many times a day I thank you? The president of our company came to me this morning and asked several questions. I went right to the database you created for us and zip bang boom, I was able to give him just what he wanted in seconds. Thank you so much.”Supervisor, Large Corporation – December 2008

“Thank you so much for helping us through this challenging process. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel!”Database Client, October 2008

“It’s been a pleasure working with you. I wish all of our contractors were as responsive and helpful as you have been.”Prospective Database Client, July 2008